Writing this blog, my first photo blog featuring photos in a while takes me back to 2012 when I launched my first photography website, I posted everything and everything on my blog, especially love stories. Chika and Eche's wedding has reignited similar feelings I used to have.

I seldom shoot weddings, but when Chika contacted me, "No" wasn't an option and I'm glad. Chika and Eche knew what they wanted and they had the perfect team for everything. Their wedding was wholesome and i'll say it was a very joy-filled event.

Please enjoy some of the photos from this union.

It was at the pre-wedding shoot that I knew this wedding was going to be amazing, everything clicked like clockwork, everything was simple and straight to the point, Chika and Eche were super courteous and respectful, they were patient, even when we were in the blazing sun, they had the demeanor and candor of some in a super comfortable environment (I was the one hurrying because i've not used sunscreen in like 20 years) lol.

Anyways! Everything was perfect!

Chika's and Eche's friends were the perfect tribe! They upheld the vibe, they were genuinely joyous and the cheer was palpable! How we managed fit 25+ beautiful ladies in this small room is still a wonder!

Everything was beautiful, the ceremony was quaint, the people were joyous, we all had fun! Did I mention the parents were elated!


Thank you!


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