Sitting by the poolside after my breakfast trying to get an healthy dose of the morning sunshine, I saw this dude exit the restaurant and looked disheveled for a bit, but right after he spotted me sitting on one of the outdoor furniture, he put himself together and put on the brightest smile I had seen in days, he approached me and promptly asked if I had a lighter.

By the time he moved closer, he realized the error of his assumption and muttered the words "sorry you don't smoke".

The entire incident lasted about 20 seconds but it got me thinking, how smokers are liable to make more friends easily and form connections that transcend asking for a smoke or asking for a lighter.

Shared habits have a remarkable ability to foster connection, and smokers often find themselves engaging in conversations with fellow smokers. What might begin as a mere request for a lighter can easily transform into profound discussions, creating bonds that transcend the act of smoking itself. Similarly, creatives possess a natural inclination to connect with others who share their passion for art, music, writing, or any other creative pursuit. Engaging in creative communities, attending workshops or events, and showcasing their work enables creatives to establish connections that extend beyond their craft.

Smoking acts as a social lubricant, breaking down barriers and initiating conversations effortlessly. The simple act of lighting a cigarette provides a natural opening for interaction, allowing smokers to engage in casual banter and friendly exchanges. Likewise, creatives can leverage their artistic pursuits as icebreakers. Sharing artwork, reciting poetry, or discussing shared interests becomes an opportunity for creatives to initiate conversations and foster connections with individuals who appreciate and resonate with their creative expressions.

Smoking areas and designated spaces serve as gathering points for smokers, fostering an environment conducive to social interactions. These spaces create a sense of camaraderie, where smokers can freely converse and exchange stories. Similarly, creatives can seek out communities and spaces that celebrate their artistic endeavors. Art galleries, open mic nights, social dancing or online platforms dedicated to creativity provide avenues for creatives to connect with like-minded individuals. Immersing themselves in these communities allows creatives to expand their networks and build lasting relationships.

By nurturing authentic relationships, engaging in meaningful conversations, and supporting each other's aspirations, creatives can create a network of individuals who appreciate their art and provide opportunities for collaboration and growth.

The surprising social dynamics of smokers offer valuable insights into the power of shared habits, breaking the ice, and cultivating communities. Creatives can apply these lessons to their own lives, leveraging their artistic endeavors to forge connections that go beyond the surface level. By embracing opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals, creatives can foster relationships that inspire, support, and propel their creative journey forward. Let us learn from the unexpected social perks of smoking and use these lessons to expand our creative networks and establish meaningful connections in the world of art and expression.